21 June 2007


So I am cruisin along reading my normal "blog roll" when I hit upon a post by Ginger that caught my eye.... Why aren't I twittering? I am missing out on important things and Yiddish words? Why don't I know about which antiquated, sequenced country star has a "big 'un"?

Ladies and gentlemen, I may have to sign up for a free account tomorrow to find out what the buzz is and keep my fingers on the pulse what is really important in the world.


Ivy said...

Yes! You definitely need to sign up for Twitter, it's mucho fun, um, fun-o.

Ron said...

Twitter is definitely of the fun

john h said...

come on in, the twittering is fine..
add me as a friend..I'm hutchmo on twitter.

'Coma said...

I've added you on Twitter. It's fun.