24 June 2007

Growing old ain't for sissies....

Credit to Bette Davis for that little gem....

But I kid you not, it's so true.... This whole pre-menopausal thing is not fun. Not. One. Little. Bit. How in the hell (thank you PG-13 rating) am I going to live through these horrific hot flashes?! Omigosh, I think am going to spontaneouly combust like a drummer from Spinal Tap. Hair is sprouting up in odd, places, ewwww!! Don't even get me started on the mood swings.... The usually rational me can go from 0 to bitch in 3.2 seconds (I probably just moved to an R rating for that one). Or if I am not getting my bitch on, then it's the tears. Who knew a Hallmark commercial could be so, well, so sad?

I am suffering through the three B's... Bitching, blubbering or burning.

Stop the madness!

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'Coma said...

Well, hell sista-friend, I'm going through this as well.
I had a hot flash at work about two weeks ago and thought I was going to hurl.
One of my employees came and started freaking out.
I tried to explain but couldn't get past feeling like I was being microwaved from the inside out.
Your middle aged buddy from the west,