20 June 2007

Hoot, hoot....

Are all bloggers night owls? I mean I can go a loooong time with few comments and then it hits the double digits in the p.m. and (to quote Emeril) "BAM"!

It seems that my new buddy Ron stays awake all hours as I do.

I have to be at work (20 miles away) at 7:30a. That means I have to hit the road at 6:45a to avoid the hell that is 440.

I am not a morning person so the alarm clock goes off at an obscene time and it is a test of pure will power to rise and shine. It can be downright arduous. The German leaves before I awake and usually gives me one more shove to rouse me.

Are you a night owl too? How do you handle it?

Coffee and diet Coke is of the good...


Ron said...

I have to be at work at 8, which means I have to hit the road by 7:40 or so, because my job is close. I hate mornings.

Coffee, diet Coke, and they have this new stuff called Diet Pepsi Max. It's Diet Pepsi, ginseng, extra caffeine, and possibly crystal meth. I open one of those, fill my coffee cup, and alternate hot and cold until lunch.

'Coma said...

I get up around 4 now that I'm older. I only sleep five or six hours a night.
It's weird.
So, yeah I'm a nightowl but every once in awhile I'll sleep a Saturday away.
Getting older is weird.

john h said...

i really really really am not a morning person and I really really dislike being around them at early hours. Thankfully I'm married to a true soul-mate on this issue. We grump along together quietly.

After my recent illness aka blood-letting, I'm no longer allowed caffeinated coffee. Life is losing meaning by the cupful!

Ron said...

John, you poor bastard. You have my sympathy.