02 June 2007

Immigration Issues

If you have paid a bit of attention you will realize that I am married to a German. Not just someone with German ancestry, but a bonafide German national citizen. He legally migrated to this country over ten years ago.

Aside from voting privileges he has every other right afforded a naturalized or native American. My German did it the right way... The legal way... He moved here, applied for all the necessary paperwork and waited until receipt of said papers before seeking employment. He also honed his skills in learning the native tongue of Nashville - English. It was six months before his paperwork came through and he could seek employment. I can tell you during that six month sabbatical the yard and house never looked so good.

I am a second generation American on Mama's side. The Nana came across the border from Mexico at a very tender age. She was here legally as well. She was naturalized in the mid 80's. I joke about being able to vote in my first election (1984, but I digress) before she would have the same right. Again, she did it the way the German did, legally.

I have a very big issues with people not doing things legally. It really pisses me off if you want the truth. The German and I have spoken about this at length. He feels just as strongly and, in my humble opinion, has the right to rant and rave about the subject. Since he is blog-free, I am taking the opportunity to do so for us both.

The German and I have spoken about moving to Germany sometime in the future. Probably for a bit of time when we retire as I am an only child and Mama is one year clean from IIIB lung cancer. (On a completely separate note, no, she was not a smoker, so don't even go there.) I told him that I would not be comfortable living there until I mastered (dare I say "conquer"?) the German language. Most folks in his home town speak my native tongue so I really do not have to learn German; however, it is the right thing to do... Let me repeat that, IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO BECAUSE THEY SPEAK GERMAN IN GERMANY. I do not expect nor assume that everyone around me would speak English. After all, it would be German spoken there as the native language. I have not dialed a number in Germany and was offered the option to press "2" for English... Everything spoken was in German because, well, because we were in Germany. Go figure.

I am all for people coming to America to realize the American dream; however, do it the right way, the legal way. Follow the rules of engagement and do what you are supposed to do. No, it is not easy. No, it is not a short process. But damn it to hell, it is the RIGHT thing to do. If you live here, learn the language, follow the rules... Do not expect me to cater to you because you do not. My German struggles at time with things written in English; however, he realizes he is in America and that's just how things go. He seeks assistance, usually from me, his trusty "interpreter" and does not expect things to be written nor repeated in German for his benefit because guess what? This is America and we speak English here.


Ginger said...

You know what's ironic? I am taking Spanish right now (at TN Foreign Language Institute), and my teacher is from Mexico, and she is married to a German!!! :)

Klinde said...

That is a good bit of irony... And I too am taking a class at the TN Foreign Language Institute... Only I am taking German... Go figure.

Cindy said...

NO $%&@! I just wish there were some way to get these politicians to actually DO THEIR JOB and act on behalf of their constituents (SP?), not on behalf of the votes they want or the cheap labor. And it is both parties, sadly. My grandchildren cannot afford to go to the doctor and their faher cannot afford his insurance thru his company ($100 per week), yet illegals get EVERYTHING THEY NEED AND/OR WANT! Social security fights with everyone trying to get on disability but hands it over to illegals, no questions asked. Again, another sore spot and you know why.

Illegal aliens are no differeent than a burglar - breaking and entering and taking what they want from you. The difference being when an illegal is caught they are released and are close to being given amnesty for the mere amount of $3000.00 for back taxes. (I think that is the correct amount.) A burglar goes to trial and then when found guilty, to jail. Of course this is also from our tax dollars and a whole other topic.

I am proud of the German and of all others I know that came here legally.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant.

And....what ever happened to "thatwouldbesuck.com"?