17 June 2007

Things my Daddy taught me...

1. It's okay to take naps.
2. Hold hands before crossing the street.
3. Make sure all the doors are locked.
4. Work hard.
5. Weedeaters ain't for sissies.
6. Treat Mama with love and respect.
7. Call the people you love.
8. It's okay to hog the remote control.
9. Not everyone should use power tools.
10. The ability to drive a five speed is good.
11. Do not speak so quickly (still working on that one).
12. It's good to be pulled in a red radio flyer.
13. How to set the security alarm at my house.
14. How to program my electronic thermostat.
15. It's okay to eat sweets for breakfast.
16. Kids with ADHD should not drink coffee.
17. It is hard to quit smoking even when you know you should.
18. Learn about your families past.
19. Respect your elders.
20. Have a little faith.
21. It is not hard to make a roux.
22. Take photos - especially of the people you love and care for - and often.
23. Early to bed, early to rise... Haven't quite mastered that one yet...
24. It is okay to take chances and risks.
25. It is okay to show your family love and affection.

Daddy, I love you with my whole heart and I am grateful God saw it fit to give me you. Happy Father's Day!!


Blue Collar Muse said...

Klinde -

What fun getting to know you some on Thursday night.

Thanks for the Father's Day Post. I've been surfing looking for folks that put up something special about the Day or the dads that we honor today.

I haven't had a lot of luck finding anything. Not a lot out there - or, more to the point, not as much out there as I expected to find.

Thus your post was most welcome and appreciated.


Blue Collar Muse

Ginger said...

That is SUCH a sweet post. It made me all teary eyed. (But in a good way). :)