02 June 2007

Times a wastin'... Or to be honest, wastin' time...

I am a tad bored.... The German is sick with a bad head cold and is taking his second or third (I lost count) nap of the day. The human petri dish was earlier spotted sniffing and sneezing his merry way throughout the house spreading his germs to all with nary a thought of my not wanting to share.

We had much planned today. He was to get a hair cut, there was a flower bed screaming out for mercy from the weeds that have taken over, there was shopping to attend to... The usual weekend drill in Hermitage has come to a grinding halt due to a raging case of the sniffles. God forbid I weed alone. That is one of the perks of being married, isn't it? You have a partner to battle the nefarious weeds that threaten to take over any spot in the yard. The only good thing about not having rain in eons is that I am not left the task of mowing said yard. I am far to prissy to use the weed eater, not to mention the fact that the damned thing intimidates the hell out of me... But that's a completely different story.

So here I sit with the trusty lap top that Nana got me for my 40th birthday. BTW, thanks, Nana, you rock! I sit, I type, I take sips from the liter bottle of Dasani. The German slumbers in the Bubbie's room while the evil siamese curls up on the sofa having exhasuted herself from too much time outdoors stalking lizards. Speaking of the evil siamese, today she is eight. Hard to believe the little "bundle o joy" and I have been together for so long.

As I sit and type, I think to myself "Klinde, do you think you can find a Blogging for Dummies book at Barnes and Noble"? I mean they have everything else for dummies... Like how to make balloon animals, how to remove gum from your shoe and so forth and so on... Certainly there must be a book to help me along because I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants and learning as I go... I need to find a support group that will help me along with my new blogging ventures. Maybe a twelve step program... "Hello, my name is Klinde and I do not how to do many things on my blogs". Everyone in unison will shout out "Hi Klinde" and then some kind soul will become my blog mentor.

Told you I was bored.

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