06 June 2007

Migraines and Homework and Tired, Oh My!

Today was not a good day. I was the lucky recipient of a migraine last night and today. Not just a run of the mill migraine where I suffer through my day at work only to come home and crawl into bed... But one of those full throttle migraines that include the oh, so lovely classic sympton of nausea... Yes, I spent last night and today thanking God the bathroom floor is cold.

I am finally back amongst the living having told myself if I do not get up (at 4:00ish) that I would wake up around 1:00a wondering what I should do with myself.

Thanks to Lynnster and GingerSnaps for the tutorial... I tried again; however, in my drugged state I failed my task. Ginger, I did drop you an email for further assistance, thanks.

Side note to Jentina, no, I do not have too much time on my hands. On the contrary, I am up to my neck with way too many things on my very heavy plate. Sorry to disappoint, Cuz! And yes, go Spurs! And love to all my Texas posse, miss you guys!

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