09 June 2007

100 things

1. Cockroaches, balloons, clowns and tornadoes terrify me. Not necessarily in that order.
2. I am hopelessly addicted to reality TV.
3. I get teary-eyed when I hear the national anthem played live.
4. My toenails are painted year-round. Even in the winter when I wear closed-toe shoes.
5. I have never ridden on a motorcycle.
6. Yes my hair is naturally curly. Do you think I would do this on purpose?
7. I used to runway model in my late teens, early 20's.
8. I sometimes read the dictionary for fun.
9. I hate shaving my legs but do so out of necessity.
10. I love pouring over my cookbook collection. Then I plan fabulous meals for friends and family.
11. My poison of choice is beer. Wine is good if paired with a tasty meal and I love a margarita or sangria with my Mexican food; however, if asked, beer is what I select first.
12. I am a night owl. Mornings are never good for me.
13. My gray hair is much worse than the rest of the reddish brown mop. Some day I am going to look like Don King... See also #6...
14. I have lived in 5 states: Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee. Six if you count the state of confusion I am perpetually in...
15. Although I am a UT fan, I really do not think anyone looks good in the color orange.
16. If you are a mosquito, I am like nectar of the gods to you.
17. I only drink my water icy cold.
18. Caffeine affects me quickly and badly... Nervous habit anyone?
19. My husband is more addicted to chocolate than I am. I did not know that was humanly possible.
20. I do not run unless something big is chasing me.
21. I have fractured two bones in my body. My left ankle and my skull. The skull thing explains a lot about me.
22. I have known mein Deutscher for over fourteen years; however, we have only been a couple for three. As friends, we went through our first marriages and divorces together.
23. I was once propositioned by Axl Rose. He smoked most of my cigarettes. I said no.
24. When I was a little girl I practically memorized the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
25. My dream job would be to own a restaurant or catering business. I have actually catered small dinner parties for a couple of close friends.
26. Humidity is not my friend. I can not handle being overheated. See also #'s 6 and 13.
27. My house is plastered with post-it notes with the name of things auf Deutsch.
28. My husband and I sometimes dance in the living room. I think it is very romantic.
29. Generally I do not leave the house without lipstick on. It was something drilled into my brain by Mama.
30. I do not think that I can go five minutes without talking. Some days I am a blathering fool.
31. Camping. Just say no.
32. Unless you are a nurse please do not wear white shoes. Nuff said.
33. I love me a good bonfire.
34. Raisins are evil and must be destroyed. What did that poor grape do to deserve the whole dehydration thing?
35. If you live at my house, cat hair is a fashion accessory.
36. There is way too much paprika at my house. Silly German cuisine.
37. Naps on a Sunday afternoon ROCK my world.
38. I love the way some words sound and roll trippingly off the tongue like periwinkle, conundrum, onomatopoeia... If you do not know what these mean, look them up. Seriously, because I am not going to tell you.
39. Garlic is a cooks best friend. If you dipped it in chocolate I would probably eat it. See also #19. Side note: I have nothing to fear from vampires because of the volume of garlic I consume.
40. I have OCD when it comes to numbers. I still can tell you every phone number I have ever had. I count how many stairs there are... There are four on my front porch... Fifteen from the downstairs to the second floor... Six from the deck to the patio and six from the landing down to the garage... I need therapy. That should probably be #41...
41. I can not believe I have lived 41 years...
42. Anyone who tries to tell you a diamond is "too big" is just lying (or jealous).
43. Speedo's are not the fashion statement you want to make. Thank goodness the German has become "Americanized" in that way.
44. There is no such thing as something being too chocolaty. See also #19.
45. I am a hopeless romantic.
46. Everyone who sees my German's legs agree that they are sexy as hell.
47. I write down five blessings in my life each and every day. When it is a bad day I know I still have to seek five good things and that usually perks me up a bit.
48. I give almost everyone a nickname. I call the husband my German or mein Deutscher. Mama is the Munchkin (she's under five feet tall), my son is the Bubie... The list goes on and on.
49. I can not stand Paris Hilton. And do not even get me started on Britny Spears, Lindsay Lohan or the Simpson sisters...
50. I worship at the altar of the crazy cats.
51. Actually, I am a practicing Catholic - a rare breed in Nashville.
52. I have season tickets to the opera with Mama.
53. I never take off my earrings... Been wearing the same pair for years.
54. I just can not seem to keep my car clean. Mama says gypsies live in it. I have yet to meet them. They are probably under the clutter.
55. I really should floss more.
56. My eyebrows need waxing.
57. Yield. Merge. Learn the difference.
58. I give the cat way too much attention.
59. I would rather have the iPod playing versus the TV as my background noise.
60. I have been to over ten different countries.
61. I would not mind living in Germany for a bit (after I learn the language). See also #27.
62. There is always cheese in my fridge.
63. That thing on the left side of your steering column is a turn signal. Use it.
64. If you are going to wear sandals, please get a pedicure.
65. Learn something new each day. I dare you.
66. This is the year I was born. I need to learn more about what happened that year.
67. Immigration laws kill me...
68. I got into "Lost" after the second season. I now have the complete series on DVD.
69. There is usually a candle lit when I am home.
70. I will eat turnip greens and spinach but not mustard greens, go figure.
71. My car is (almost) an antique. I did not plan for that.
72. I have never voted for a Republican. Ever.
73. I am so not a tom boy. I once climbed up a tree but would not climb back down. Mama had to come get me. Guess that explains why she has a bad back...
74. Pixar animation rules.
74. I am sooooo looking forward to the last Harry Potter book on July 21st.
75. I miss "Seinfeld".
75. I share my birthday with Marlon Brando and Eddie Murphy.
76. I could watch "Animal House", "Pulp Fiction", "Shawshank Redemption" and "When Harry met Sally" over and over again.
77. Butter rules.
78. I believe in ghosts.
79. My hair is pulled up the minute I get home. See #'s 6, 13 and 26.
80. My husband is sexy as hell to me. That's good.
81. I smoke way too much and need to quit. Mama has IIIB lung cancer having never smoked.
82. I have seven fans running in my house at all times.
83. We painted the garage with the sun, moon, stars and clouds so the Bubie could go "camping". Cost a small fortune and worth every penny.
84. Nobody said life is fair. See #81.
85. I gag every time I clean up a hair ball or scoop the litter box.
86. I believe in God. I guess this really should be #1.
87. I am in love with my husband heart, mind and soul.
88. I wish every married couple could say the same.
89. I have no idea why I started a blog because I am slammed in my personal life.
90. I have lost over 30 pounds in the last year. I still have fifteen more to go.
91. I can not tell the difference between rap and hip-hop and make no apologies.
92. I wash my hands several times a day.
89. For the love of all that is good, flush.
90. Do not expect hand outs. We all have hard times. That is what savings accounts are all about.
91. Do not be prejudiced about gay couples. Most gay couples I know have a better relationship than the married couples I know.
92. Love takes patience and attention. Make room for both.
93. If you live in America, learn the language.
94. Fire ants suck.
95. Beer can be like truth syrum.
96. I can not parallel park.
97. My husband can park anything anywhere.
98. Few things make me as happy as being with people I love and care about. I am very passionate about my family and friends.
99. I should do crunches.
1oo. You have just learned 99 new things about me. Cop a squat and contemplate 100 new things about yourself.

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