01 August 2007

Thank your parents!

Seriously. Quit reading and call your parents. Tell them thank you. Being a parent is HARD WORK and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Biologically the Bubbie is not mine. Emotionally and mentally he is 100%. I can not physically have biological children; however, I have the best of both worlds when it comes to the Bubbie... An incredibly brilliant, articulate, amazing, beautiful human being to laugh with and share secrets. To snuggle with, to see things in a perspective I have not in decades. But mostly to love.

I am wiped out. The energy he exudes seems directly correlated to the energy that is sucked out of me. No, I am not complaining. He is worth it. Being physically drained at work is a fair trade for the joy that bubbles out of watching him delight in the little things. His laugh is lyrical, magical and creates a feeling I have no way to describe in words... All I can say is it makes me feel even more alive. Like I can feel everything to the highest degree and see it all over again as if it were new to me as well.

He is only here until August 12th. So much to do, so little time.

Parents everywhere, KUDOS! There is a special place in Heaven just for you... What a blessing!!


Paige said...

Amen!! Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've ever done. Some days I want to bang my head against a brick wall, but it is always well worth it.

And, I know how it is loving those that are not biologically yours. The 17 year old is not mine, but I couldn't love him any more if he were.

Sara Sue said...

Beautiful post!

Sonia said...

Such a nice post to read :) You sound like a great mommie.

Klinde said...

Thank you all! My hats are off to all parents for all the wonderful things they do. Especially on very minimal sleep!

'Coma said...

He is wonderful and as I can't have any kids either, I will say, I think mother's work is the most valuable and the hardest ever.