23 August 2007

Why don’t ya give me a ring?

Some things just annoy the hell out of me. Case in point, I am sitting at a restaurant and the cell phone of the yahoo next to me starts ringing. Okay, it did not actually ring, per se, it notified its owner (and the surrounding 20 or so tables) with a blood-curdling scream. I jumped when I heard it and I about lost it because it scared me so badly. I mean I would expect zombie freaks to have something like that, but not the dude next to me in his khakis and polo shirt – sheesh….

I heard another shrill one a while back that was of a baby crying. Not just a little sobbing but all out bawling. That one got me too because I was in an elevator and I certainly did not see the little tyke so it kinda weirded me out a bit. The very embarrassed person with this ring explained he had a new baby and that was his infant’s cry. I congratulated him on baby’s lung capacity once I regained my composure. I also told him wait until the kid’s about two and his cell phone will be someone yelling “NO” loudly and repeatedly.

Anyone else heard a cell phone ring that sets them on edge?


Kathy T. said...

I'm getting ready to download the "Stewie saying Moma" ringtone and attach it to my youngest daughter's phone. It's too funny, but my guess is that after one week with it, I'll switch it back to "Give peace a chance."

chez béz said...

It didn't set me on edge, but at my hotel lobby I remember a 60-something, very conservative and stuffy-looking businessman whose ringtone started playing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall Part II."

Klinde said...

@KathyT: I'm good with that. It's the things that set my teeth on edge that get me.

Chez: That's groovy!! The German's used to ring "Layla" due to my obsession with Eric Clapton.

'Coma said...

A woman I work with has chickens clucking on her cell phone.
Weirds me out everytime it rings.

And, it's sort of stupid.

malia said...

I'm totally giggling over this post. Babies crying, chickens clucking, Moma!! Too funny.