26 August 2007

Germany is in the UK, right?

Here is a lesson in geography for you all...

Server: "I love your accent."

The German: "Thank you."

Server: "Is there something going on here? I've seen so many of your people lately."

To borrow a phrase from my pal 'coma ** crickets **

Server: "What brought you here?"

Me: "To Waffle House?"

Server: "No, him... To America..."

Me: "Um, well he lives here and he is married to me, an American..."

Server: "Oh, well there has just been so many of them lately..."

Server: "How did you two meet?"

The German: "My brother introduced us."

At this point I make a mental note that I going to tell people we met at a bar last week and ran off to Vegas to elope or that I put an extra dollar in his G-string when he was performing with the Chippendale's and he was smitten. But alas, I had not had coffee yet so not all the synapses were firing and I could not verbalize this random thought...

Ten minutes pass...

Server: "I love English accents..."



chez béz said...

Good intentions, at least. ;)

Vol Abroad said...

Well, not too long before I went on maternity leave I was at a workshop. One of the workshop participants asked me where I was from...obviously my accent isn't English.

I told him I was from Tennessee.

He says "Tennessee, that's in Texas, right?"

Kristina said...

"I picked her up when she was working as a whore in a massage parlor in Bangkok."

Every time someone gets pushy about how we met, that's my husband's answer. I'm here to tell ya it works every damn time. And that is reason #482 why that man rocks my world.

gogogo27 said...

for visiting. Good luck !