01 July 2007

You grascally wabbit

My German and I are home from a wonderful evening of entertainment. We joined Sista, her family, Hutch and his lovely wife at Station Inn. We were there for conversation and to be completely entertained by The Grascals.

It was good to see Sista and Hutch again after having met them at the Saucer on June 14th. The German and I had a great time. We were thrilled with the show. Not only are the The Grascals extremely talented but they put on a helluva show to boot.

Of. The. Good.


'Coma said...

Living in Hooterville is of the suck cause I can't get to these things.
And I love me some Grascals.

john h said...

one of the most fun parts of the evening was getting to hand with you and the German.

Good times all around.

Ivy said...

On one hand, I really hate that we missed it, I know we would have had a blast hanging with y'all, and I did so want to see the Grascals.

On the other hand I had a BLAST at Ginger's boss's house. I have a major crush on Ginger's boss, or his house. One or the other. ;)

sistasmiff said...

Thank you again for coming down. It's hard for me to be objective about them, but, they were really ON that night.

They're at the Ryman on July 26.

I tried to leave a comment on the food post, but, it was acting weird...My mother is a Louisiana gal. I make a MEAN and I mean MEAN Gumbo.