02 July 2007

Two thumbs up and one thumb down...

Let's start with the good news first...

Mama's MRI of the brain came back clean. Hip, hip, hooray! Thank God for answered prayers. Her next series of tests is in September and everything looks good in that category.

Now the (not-so-bad) news... In the 10 minutes it takes me to water the flowers I got seven (count 'em, campers) SEVEN mosquito bites! I swear they see me and one of 'em hollers out "buffet's open for business" and then the swarm begins. Damn near made me put down my beer and swat at the blood thirsty varmints... Mind you, I said damn near, I did not actually put down a Spaten to kill vermin. I have my priorities.

Now here I sit covered in Benadryl creme hoping for a little relief.

Carry on.

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'Coma said...

I'm so glad to hear about the MRI!