07 July 2007

Conspiracy Theory

He told me it's easy.... Anyone can do it... Even little kids can... He is so wrong, so very, very, wrong. I have tried to believe but it just isn't so. Even the book is taunting me...



Sara Sue said...

What a great book cover! Reminds me of Peter Max. You havin' trouble with all the hocking sounds?

Grace said...

I just realized that your cat has a blog...


I think one day, I'm going to post in my Cat's Voice. He's mean.

Parad0x said...

Deutsch ist viel spass!

I speak it but don't write it very well anymore. Grew up with it as my first language alongside English.

Now I've been in the US for a decade and the D has gone blunt.

Have fun! It's a challenge because (unlike most major languages) it isn't "romance" - you won't find a ton of stunningly familiar words comparable to english/spanish/italian.

That makes it all the more interesting ;)