03 October 2007

Sick again... Yay me, NOT!

After 42 days straight on antibiotics for 4 UTIs since mid May, I have come down with strep. Yay me... You would think that I would practically be immune to anything with this much medicine in me. Sadly, no.

The good news is that I started the Lexapro. I am experiencing the oh, so fun, side effect of night sweats. That coupled with being pre-menopausal makes for a sleeping challenge. Good-bye REM sleep, hello restless nights... However, I need some well deserved relief from the depression.

Just felt like sharing. That is all, carry on.


Newscoma said...

Have you talked to your doc about Ambien?
That might help. I don't take it very often, but I have it in case I go a couple of days with insomnia.
It works pretty well.

teabibber said...

Hi Cuz

I saw you were sick, sorry to hear about it. I suffered with UTIs for years, then I realized that I was really having cystitis, which changing my diet greatly affected. I cut out acidic food.


claudia said...

this life is TOO COMPLICATED !!!