23 September 2007

What brought you over?

The latest google search that brought someone to the land of potatoes and kartoffels is "Do dogs speak German"? Maybe if they are a German Shepherd? Bwahaha...

Takes a special kind of stupid.


Newscoma said...

Sweetie, my latest search was on "middle-aged sex goddesses."
That's cool.
Actually it is.
You get weird searches. Sometimes mine are very explicit.
I had to look up donkey punch.

Klinde said...

I am scared of donkey punch. I do not know whether or not I will google it.

saucygrrl said...

I get a LOT of explicit searches on my blog. Um... maybe I need to curb my language. I think my top searches are for people with veins popping out of their foreheads and people looking for the special nutrients required for good hair. God bless the internet.

I'm with you though, I'm a little afraid of donkey punch.

Kerstin said...

I have a guy who gets traffic from a "gangbang kerstin" search. I commented on his site once on a post he used the word gangbang in. Weird.

He posted it on my site, and now I have traffic too.

ron said...

It's funny, but a lot of police dogs and guard dogs are trained only in German so that only folks who know the right German commands can call them off, sic them on people, etc. When I was a kid, we had a Doberman who wouldn't even eat until you gave him the hand command to eat.