14 January 2008

Mixed Signals

I have to bitch about something. This *drives* me insane… It is the fact that people ignore a groovy little device in their vehicle. You see, there is a contraption on the left side of the steering column called the turn signal…. Use it! Remember to turn it off after using it. It is a simple thing but it would save so much grief in my little universe.

Oh, another thing that bugs the hell out of me? Those drivers who can not seem to figure out the difference between yield and merge. C’mon now, yielding means that you yield to traffic while the all-important merge means you go with the flow and actually work your way into the moving cars around you. It ain’t rocket science…. But to some of you out there it must be…

Also, if you are coming from 40 east headed onto 440 west, quit zooming down the left lane until the last possible moment and then cutting people off by crossing the striped lines. When I honk at you it is because cutting me off is wrong… Illegal and dangerous. It does not give you the right to flip me off because you are the jack-ass who did not manage to get into the proper lane. You are not that important. We all have lives and places to be. I would like to get to my destination without having a wreck or a tension headache from clenching every muscle in my body for fear of hitting you or being hit.

*Jumping off of soap box*

Thank you for your attention in these very important matters.

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Jeffraham Prestonian said...

If ya didn't see it, this would be extended to you and the German, as well!