31 January 2008

"Kissing disease"

It is official…. I have mono. It is my third time around with it the first being when I was in fifth grade, the second back in 2003 and now. I have been utterly exhausted for weeks. I chalked it up to stress and depression never thinking it could be a recurrence of mono. Then something struck me when I was at the doctor’s office on Monday…. Maybe it is mono that is zapping me of all energy and leaving me yearning to do nothing more than snooze.

I remember being tired the other two times. I remember barely being able to crawl out of bed. I slept about 18 hours a day. I became my cat.

I worry about this bout because the last time I had mono I packed on about 10 pounds due to lack of any form of exercise. Sleeping does not burn many calories nor does lying on the couch channel surfing. I have worked hard to loose almost fifty pounds over the past two years. I did not gain it overnight so why expect to loose it quickly.

Bottom line, if you see me with my head on the table, don’t bother waking me up. I am too damned tired to care.


BadBadIvy said...

Aww, feel better soon! Mono is a bitch, I had it for 2 months when I was in high school!

jag said...

Ugh, I've had it twice. Actually, my throat hurts right now...hope I'm not getting it again. You weren't making out with me lately, were you?

Ron said...

Whooooooo! The kisssing disease!

Sorry, apparently I'm still in middle school, where I made it through life without ever catching mono.

"I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored." - Wayne Campbell

mutebutton said...

Oh no! Hope you get well soon!