22 January 2008

It is not just about me

Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective. A little jolt to realize that when you think you have it bad, you really do not at all.

On my drive in to the office yesterday morning I was having a pity party for one. I was down and letting the blues get the better of me. I was channel surfing the airwaves as well trying to find a morning show that did not bug the crap out of me. I rolled over to 1510AM (not my typical stop) and I heard the following story about how the DJ lost his son in a tragic drowning accident at home. The child was only two and a half...

Suddenly my problems were miniscule. To be frank, I do not even remember what it was that triggered my doldrums. My prayers instead focus to the positives in my life and to the family that suffered such a tragic, horrific loss.

My cup runneth over.


GingerSnaps said...

I heard that this morning, too...what a tragedy...

I'm with you...my little sinus infection is so minor compared to what some are dealing with today.

Great post.

We need to get together soon.

Anonymous said...

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