12 November 2007

A present for me

A couple of my friends from work went on vacation together to New Mexico to visit a mutual friend of ours. During their brief stay they bought me an incredibly beautiful finger rosary made of wood. It is lovely and feels very good in my hands. The wooden beads feel warm if that make any sense. The smoothness makes my fingers want to dance over each bead.

They got it at the Loretto Chapel in Sante Fe. If you have not heard of this place you need to check out the story of the staircase. It is remarkable whether you believe in this type of thing or not.

The finger rosary my friends got me is from the same type of wood. The story that goes along with it is as follows:

The finger rosary is sometimes called an Irish rosary. It originated with the Irish. 450 years ago, Great Britain pass a law stating that anyone caught praying the rosary would be put to death. So the Irish put 10 small knobs and a cross on their wedding bands. They prayed with them for over 300 years without getting caught. That was repealed in about 1850.


claudia said...

klinde... oh my god. i know where he is... seriously... st. joseph. he's buried upside down with his feet facing the road so as to help us sell my boyfriends condo. and they've been searching all this time? yikes...


Klinde said...

Claudia: Growing up Catholic I have several buried St. Joseph on numerous occasions. Poor guy can not catch a break!

Kathy T. said...

The staircase at the Loretto Chapel is really quite amazing... just like all of Santa Fe. I love that place! Glad you got your rosary.